Stop, Look, Listen by Phil Weston

We’re now over a fortnight into 2013 yet my wife Helen and I are still keeping our New Year’s resolution! Not to cut down on chocolate, lose weight or get fit, but to read the whole Bible in a year.

We are both following the same chronological Bible reading plan (found here). Doing the same plan introduces a spot of healthy competition and mutual accountability which will hopefully keep us both going until December 31st!

As of today we are both ‘neck and neck’ and have just finished reading the Book of Job together. Hard going in parts, the majority of the book describes a conversation between Job and his friends. A conversation in which they endlessly speculate as to the cause of Job’s misfortune in life. It’s a huge relief to reach chapter 38, when God interrupts their speculation to speak with authority, knowledge and wisdom.

So often in life we needlessly speculate and estimate rather than give God room to speak. In church life, and in society at large, we so often indulge in speculation rather than attend to God’s revelation.

Pundits, politicians and the press – not to mention we ourselves – love to offer their own opinion on a whole host of lifestyle questions. Speculation at the moment swirls around issues like marriage, parenting, money, church leadership, sexuality and social justice.

Instead, we should learn the lesson of Job and his friends. Sometimes we need to stop speaking and listen to God’s Word in Scripture instead. Some parts may be uncomfortable, some may be out of fashion, some may be hard to fathom. But with the help of his Spirit, let’s wrestle with God’s Word this year and allow him to speak his wisdom into our lives.

Speculation is no substitute for revelation – so why not join Helen and myself in our Bible reading plan for 2013? We could do with your support!