A Christmas Message

mc nativity

Not much has changed since the baby Jesus was forced to flee Herod, as we are seeing in Syria, just over the hills at Galilee.  Same outrages, different tyrants.

You wouldn’t think so looking at some Christmas cards but Jesus was born into the world as we know it.  Often callous, sometimes cruel.

So he was born not at home in Nazareth but in Bethlehem, three days distant, simply for the administrative convenience of Rome, the then superpower milking Judaea for all it was worth.

And in a stable – because there was no room in the rest of the house.  An experience shared today by countless families in a world of appalling and widespread poverty amidst selective affluence.

This is life as we know it.  And something has to be done.

The good news is that something has been done – and God has done it.  He has come to us here in our squalor and suffering and in Jesus has taken flesh.  Not just as the baby vulnerable in the manger but as the man abandoned on the cross.

He experiences our pain and takes to himself the full consequences of human – of our  rebellion.

That’s why we celebrate the birth of Jesus – strangely because of his death.  For his resurrection victory over our most feared foe has changed everything.  And our lives too if we own him as Lord.

The message of Christmas is just what this fearful and lonely world longs for – despite everything, God is for us!

We look forward to you joining in our Christmas celebrations either in church or online.

Ross Moughtin