Seasonal Services: Service of Hope

Service of Hope

Image of person lighting candles
Lighting of candles on dark background: CC from The Church of England.

Since our last Service of Hope in March the world has changed dramatically. Many people have lost loved ones and have not been able to say goodbye. For others longer periods of isolation have brought the pain of loss to the forefront. As we approach Christmas we want to offer people a chance to remember a loved one.

On Sunday 22nd November at 4pm, we will be holding a special Service for those who have been bereaved. This service will be pre-recorded and shown on Christ Church Facebook and YouTube. During the service there will be an opportunity through music, poetry and the lighting of candles to remember before God our loved ones, to reflect on special memories, and to remember each other in our prayers.

If you would like your loved one remembered then please call (01695 424530) or email the office before Monday 16th November.

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