Seasonal Services: Advent Sunday

Advent Sunday: 29th November

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On Advent Sunday we will be holding our usual 9am church service and 10.45 am online service but our focus will be on Open Doors.

Praying hands
Praying for hands: CC from The Church of England.

Praying persecuted Christians around the world.

Open Doors is an organisation that resources and gives hope to the 260 million persecuted Christians around the world. Open Doors originated in 1955, when a young Dutchman started smuggling Bibles to the persecuted church in Communist Europe. He became known as Brother Andrew, and his work led to more than six decades of support for the persecuted church

Christmas Cards

This year, we will not be able to send cards to our Christ Church family through our normal method of the ‘pigeon hole’, you can of course deliver your own, send cards, letters to our nursing homes. Let’s turn this into an opportunity to reach out to fellow Christians through Open Doors. I am encouraging us all to donate the money we would spend on cards and stand shoulder to shoulder with our persecuted family across the globe. You can either do this by donating online by going to or you can send an envelope into the office marked ‘Open doors’.

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