My wrist – in the hands of God

So today’s the day.  In just half an hour I’m off to Ormskirk Hospital for surgery on my wrist. I can think of better ways of spending my Friday but on Tuesday the doctor considered that I needed my wrist to be pinned.

The original plan was to go to Southport hospital on Wednesday–but there were no beds. Again, Thursday. But now, such is the pressure on beds, that they are opening some of the spare theatres at Ormskirk.

The operation should take place this afternoon and expectation is that I will spend this night in hospital. I can’t wait!

Over the years I have prayed with many people as they are about to face surgery. But this time it’s different, very different – it’s me!

So brethren and sisters, pray for me.

I wonder how Richard Dawkins would handle the prospect of surgery? Would he be tempted, even against all his principles, to pray? For knowing that God is with us, come what may, makes all the difference!

And more, this is a God who really understands–he’s been there himself.

In “Screwtape letters”, CS Lewis imaginary letters of a senior devil to a junior devil, the senior devil bemoans the fact that the opposition (i.e. God himself) has entered the human condition, totally and willingly. This, he considers, gives him an unfair advantage.

This is of course, at the heart of the Christian faith, that Jesus became human, fully man.

The writer to the Hebrews writes to a church about to face difficult times, even terrible suffering. He writes “Because Jesus himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.” Hebrews 2:18.

Many Christians haven’t quite got the handle on this. It is not that the man Jesus could toggle between his human and his divine nature, so that when things got difficult he simply took full advantage of his divine status. No, Jesus was fully human, just as you and I are. And the trials and testings he faced, he faced as a human being. The only difference is that they were more intense.

So Jesus knows what it’s like to face an uncertain future, the temptation to become self-reliant, the prospect of pain. And in each situation he did the right thing because he was wholly reliant on his heavenly Father. And so must we, following his example but more, empowered by his Holy Spirit.

So there we go.  Into the car and hopefully into the theatre!

Don’t forget the special prior.


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