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20190407_162322 crane1 christingle1 meccano1 music group1 phil with flowers1 pulpit1 rossjeremy1 2509091 south1-1 the weston family1 two spliced together1 east1 IMG 60891 organ-pipes-682x1024 Pewends-682x1024 entrance1 pupit-682x1024 Missing-pinnaacle Park-window-682x1024 face-1024x682 IMG 7710-tone-mapped-13 tower-shot-1024x682 2015-09-30-21.33.16 photo-from-wigan IMG 7656-tone-mapped-25 Christ- 2016-12-25-10.47.54 IMG 0006-1 Alpha-first-meeting together duty congreg Christ-Church-Choir-1959 Alpha-first-meeting-1024x731 snow-three snow-six snow-seven snow-five Ross-with-Santa Christingle-puppets 10June2010 19th-June-2010 congregation-with-children cropped-IMG 6303 Christingle-candles1 cropped-new-logo-1.png cropped-IMG_6303.jpg congregation with children
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wedding 10June2010 19th June 2010 Christingle candles Christingle puppets Ross with Santa 5 7 6 3 Christ Church Choir 1959 duty Alpha-first-meeting-1024x731 congreg two spliced together - Version 2 Alpha-first-meeting Christ- IMG_0006 (1) 2016-12-25 10.47.54 IMG_7656 tone mapped (25) photo-from-wigan 2015-09-30 21.33.16 tower-shot-1024x682 IMG_7710 tone mapped (13) pupit-682x1024 face-1024x682 Park-window-682x1024 Missing-pinnaacle organ-pipes-682x1024 Pewends-682x1024 IMG_6089[1] entrance[1] east[1] crane[1] christingle[1] 250909[1] meccano[1] music_group[1] phil_with_flowers[1] pulpit[1] rossjeremy[1] south[1] the_weston_family[1] two_spliced_together[1]