Bible Reading Challenge

This summer why not join in our Bible reading Challenge? As a church we are joining Bishop Paul Bayes and the rest of the Diocese reading Mark’s Gospel.

The challenge is to read steadily through this short and profound book – to read around three chapters a week until September.

As you read, ask yourself:

· What did Mark’s readers make of these stories and reflections?

· What is God telling me in this passage?

· How does it help me grow as a disciple, a follower of the Jesus I read about there?

· What practical steps can I take in my life as a result of reading these particular stories and thoughts?

· What questions does it inspire in me, and who can I discuss them with as we learn together?

If you want a helpful commentary to go alongside Mark’s Gospel the recommendation is Jeremy Duff’s book ‘Peter’s preaching’.

If you’re a social-media person, post your thoughts and questions to the Liverpool diocesan Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtags #RuleOfLife and #ReadMark