The battle of Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care.

The battle of Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care. As you would expect, I lost. I did explain to Jacqui:  “But you haven’t even held it, let alone read it, for at least 25 years!” However, she patiently explained that the book represented too many memories just to be taken to the charity shop. So » Read More

Does the Shack work?

The strange thing was not just that the Rose Theatre at Edge Hill was full but that  knew almost everyone there by name.  It was Wednesday evening’s showing of The Shack.Many of you will have read this New York Times bestseller. At church we sold nearly 100 copies of this imaginative novel  from Canadian author » Read More

The Bible is filled with people, like us, who thought that they could get away with it.

For 11 minutes last night the world was a quieter place.  Not as colourful maybe – but quieter. The Twitter feed for President Trump was down. I think I should disclose at this point that I too follow the President along with 41.7 million other users.  I enjoy having real-time access to POTUS, being alerted » Read More

Had we known how long we were going stay here, we would have bought better carpets!

Had we known how long we were going stay here, we would have bought better carpets! For this Sunday marks my completion of 25 years as vicar of Christ Church, Aughton!  Twenty five years!  Why such a long time? I guess the essential reason is that God didn’t move me on.  However, from my perspective the reason » Read More

Here I stand, I can do no other

1517.Arguably the most important year over the last millennium in the history of British Christianity.Such is the significance of its 500th anniversary that the BBC have broadcast a two-part imported drama on midweek, late night BBC4.  We are talking about  Reformation: The Story of Martin Luther.For 31 October 1517 is when this Augustinian monk kicked » Read More

Overheard: “I know you’re here but where’s here?”

A woman overheard me on my mobile this week and laughed loudly. So what did I say? “I know you’re here but where’s here?”It so happened that on Wednesday I came across a similar incident in the Bible, of another woman on overhearing a conversation who could not stop herself from laughter.  Sarah, wife of » Read More

From violence and from golf to Christ

“People pay attention when they see that God actually changes persons and sets them free,” comments Brooklyn pastor Jim Cymbala.He continues: “When a new Christian stands up and tells how God has revolutionized his or her life, no one dozes off. When someone is healed or released from a life-controlling bondage, everyone takes notice.”Well, that » Read More

The racism in me.

It’s 1988 and I need to make an urgent phone call.  Fortunately, I was in the centre of Rochdale, near the post office where I knew there were four phone boxes side-by-side. However, when I got there, all were occupied, each – as it happened – for an interminable time.  My impatience quickly grew and when » Read More

We’ll praise him for all that is passed and trust him for all that is to come

Sunday, 8th April, 2018. That’s the date I am planning to retire as vicar of Christ Church Aughton.And it’s going to be difficult, praise God.  Praise God because I enjoy being vicar here and I am not eagerly counting down the days before I hang up whatever vicars hang up when they retire. But » Read More

Discipleship – an exercise in unlearning.

In an attempt to maintain my fitness I am taking weekly swimming lessons at Ormskirk Park Pool –  and finding them extremely difficult.  The reason is that I can swim already. Something I have been meaning to do for some time.  However, now that I have picked up two injuries to my knee and opposite » Read More

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