Discipleship – an exercise in unlearning.

In an attempt to maintain my fitness I am taking weekly swimming lessons at Ormskirk Park Pool –  and finding them extremely difficult.  The reason is that I can swim already. Something I have been meaning to do for some time.  However, now that I have picked up two injuries to my knee and opposite » Read More

When God’s finished, I’m still the same me.

“Hello, Adrian.  It’s Ross Moughtin!”Huge laugh.“Come right up.”It’s September and once again I am organising the annual reunion of my class at Waterloo Grammar School 1960-1967.It began when I met up with Doug in 2009.  We realized that it would soon be 50 years since we began our seven formative years together at WGS.  So » Read More

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

“The universe is not only stranger than we imagine,” concluded physicist and long-distance cyclist, Arthur Eddington, “it is stranger than we can imagine.” That would be theme of the book I read on while on holiday:  “The universe in your hand.  A journey through space, time and beyond” by Christophe Galfard, who was Stephen Hawking’s graduate » Read More

Where to find true happiness

Salut! “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness,” mused Golden Raspberry award-winning actress, Bo Derek “simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” But which shops and what brands?  That’s the problem if you want to be happy. “Happiness” has been the theme of my daily Bible readings from the BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship) these last few days – fascinating.  » Read More

No neutral ground in this universe.

My cousin Graham was there.  “What an afternoon,” he writes, “to go into Barcelona!” By all accounts a place of absolute terror – which is, of course, what the terrorists wanted.  And their target, just ordinary people enjoying themselves in the sunshine.  I note that the byline for Facebook page for La Rambla De Mar, to » Read More

Dunkirk – when defeat becomes a victory.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is very simply a masterpiece.  However, it is not your standard war movie.  This is no prequel for Saving Private Ryan.No back story is given – we have no idea why an entire army is trapped.No German appears in the film – at the outset they are simply referred to as the » Read More

Without us, God will not.

Either it’s ‘Dunkirk’ (which I have been thinking about ever since I saw this remarkable film last Saturday) or alternatively, New Wine (our annual pilgrimage to Zion – well, Shepton Mallet). “What do you think, Lord?” Short pause as I ponder. So here we are on Red 9, which thankfully is above the water table of the » Read More

The freedom which Jesus gives to those with the famous parent syndrome.

“Church asks tourists to keep unholy racket under control.” This headline in today’s Times caught my attention – another grumpy vicar story, I thought.  A colleague in arms.So the story unfolds: “Priests at one of England’s most visited parish churches have expressed concern over the unholy racket made by tourists who feel obliged to photograph everything » Read More

When the glass ceiling is made of reinforced concrete

Today, 21st July, is my mother’s 100th birthday!  At least it would have been had she not died in good heart and in Christ just five years ago. Like her mother before her, a strong and principled woman.  It is to me a source of huge pride that in the 1950’s she was thrown out of » Read More

Saying YES to Christ Church, the very phone box.

Some 25 years ago at this very hour, I would have been in bed in Rochdale. However, had I been awake I would have been thinking, even praying, about my interview later that morning for the position of  vicar of Christ Church Aughton to be held in the home of one of the wardens in » Read More

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